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millionmilebrain Annie Adams of Evasive Flowers and Mason Monigold of Master Mood TV join forces in Remains to be Seen to combine Adam’s hauntingly sombre ethereal vocals with Monigold’s abrasively ambitious instrumental prowess to create LVRS.

Annie’s vocals are like a spectre singing existential lamentations of romance inside a cave of crystals while Mason’s instrumentation and production is the lone miner breaking away at the exterior with every industrial beat, harsh strike, and heavy bass to extract these cold, beautiful gems while the work reverberates with the sound of the elegiac spectre.

If you’ve been looking for a darker side of pop music or want a break from the typical industrial or ambient pop group. Remains to be Seen is a breath of fresh air for any experimental and pop music lover.
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3 Song EP from Dark Electronic Audio Duo Remains to be Seen


released October 30, 2018

Annie Adams- Vocals
Mason Monigold- Music, Production


all rights reserved



Remains to be Seen Wichita, Kansas

Remains to be Seen is a Dark Electronic Audio Duo featuring Annie Adams (Evasive Flowers, Milkwave) and Mason Monigold (Master Mood TV, Blood Tide)

The duo’s unique brand of dark pop has garnered comparisons to “Nine Inch Nails meets Mazzy Star” and “Sleigh Bells meets Marilyn Manson” but the pair’s eclectic tastes are already stumping those trying to easily classify the band.
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Track Name: Shadow
It's up to me where this goes now
You've done all you can
So let it be, I propose you
Stay beside me and

We sleep in shifts and we fend off
Each-other's demons
Much easier to fight off the ones that aren't mine
And when you wake, you will take to defeating my shadow
Not realizing that I've
Sewn him into my spine

My shadow has a shape all of his own
I can touch him
Some days I still wake up
Believing he's you
He tells me silently
He'll take me away from all this
I cannot speak but I pray
That what he says isn't true.
Track Name: LVRS
Lvrs, pushing in
Annihilate her. I want her dead
Or if I were - I'd still want her dead
Can I make it so? Can I trap you both?
Or must we repeat the same thing
And never come to terms
No ever knows what we're meant to be
Fallen apples are all they see
Fallen angels attached to me
Wait to be set free
Who might they be?
Lock them up, lock them up
Now where's the tree?
Let it go
Keep them just in place
Steady go keep control
Gotta keep the pace
There's nothing that will keep us apart
-cept your heart.
Track Name: Please Don't (Let Me Get What I Want)
Will to live - what do I want?
Desire fades so fast
My love's an ice-cream cone
It wasn't meant to last
There'll be days I pull you in
Talk sweetly, like I'll stay
Just waiting to be swept up by the one I want one day

Indulge the richest fantasy
Relaxing in a bath of our blood
Holding on so tight to my love
Please don't let me get what I want

I'll keep you safe.
I hope you understand
Security's so circumstantial
This was really not my plan
But I'll break your heart
So you'll be better off without one
I swear I'm doing this for us
Please don't let me

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